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e-book : 50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More.




eISBN : 9781118227374

Sommaire : 50 Digital Team-Building Games Quick Start
Preface: How to Use the Games in This Book
Introduction to 50 Digital Team-Building Games

CHAPTER 1 Icebreakers 7
Me in 140 Characters or Less²Twitter Hypernetworking
Alpha Names²Learn Names While Learning Team Process
Where in the World Whiteboarding²Draw Who You Are and Where You're From
Photo Booth²iPad 2 or Photo-Based Networking
Pinterest²Pin Pictures and Websites for a Common Topic

CHAPTER 2 Communication/Games for Speakers
Texting Q&A²Asking Anonymous Questions Via Text
Raising Hands²Have You Ever . . . ?
Polling²Team Concensus by Technology
TwitterStorm²Crowdsourcing Goodness
Go Ahead, Caller²Improving Teleconference Skills with a Game Show
Model Citizen²Testing Communication Assumptions by Building a Model They Can't See
Backchannel²Instant Feedback by Group Text
Team Pecha Kucha (peh-chak-cha²)Team Presentation with 20 Slides for 20 Seconds Each
PowerPoint Karaoke²Team Improvisation by Presenting Slide Decks They Haven't Seen

Last Team Texting²Trusting and Sharing Valuable Information
Trust Grid²Mapping Team Trust
The Johari Window²Discover Team Blind Spots
Video Matching and Mirroring²Build Instant Team Rapport
Skype Interview²Capturing Team Knowledge through Video Interviews

CHAPTER 4 Improving Performance
A to Z²The A to Z of Building and Speeding Up Team Process
Grid Unlock²Collaborative Team Problem Solving with Shared Spreadsheets
Marshmallow Challenge²Build a Tower, Build a Team
Customized Jeopardy²Test Teams' Retention of Information
QR Scavenger Hunt²Scan Your Way to Team Building

CHAPTER 5 Problem Solving
Move One Line/Add One Line²Team Creativity with More Than One Solution
Consensus Voting²Choosing Top Team Options Online
Like to Move It²Quick Spatial Team Diagnosis
Project Matrix²Balance Time, Quality, and Performance to Complete a Project
Chat Survivor²Setting Team Priorities and Making Hard Decisions

CHAPTER 6 Creativity and Innovation
Twaiku²Twitter Poetry in Motion
One Text at a Time Expert²Team Answers One Text at a Time
WWMTD?²What Would My Team Do If They Had to Make a Creative License Plate?
Team Pictionary²Communicating through Drawing
Mind Mapping²Visual Brainstorming for Teams
YouTeams²iMovie-Based Team Building
GooseChase²Cell Phone Photo Scavenger Hunt
Team GarageBand²Build a Song, Build a Team

CHAPTER 7 Collaboration
Office Move²Working Together to Switch Places
Mergers and Reorgs²Getting Two Teams to Collaborate and Integrate Rapidly
Broken Squares²Giving Is Better Than Getting for Team Collaboration
Team Timely.is²Collaborating a Month's Worth of Tweets and Updates
Team Haiku²Write a Team Haiku/One Word at a Time Online
Team Case Study²Simultaneous Team Editing

CHAPTER 8 EPIC Team Building
SCVNGR²GPS Treasure Hunt for Team Building and Cross-Team Collaboration
Geoteaming²GPS Treasure Hunt for Team Building and Cross-Team Collaboration
Flash Mobs²Organize Your Team in Time and Space

CHAPTER 9 Closers²Ending a Team-Building Event
Shout-Outs²Acknowledging Teammates
"I Commit to . . ."²Public Commitment to Change
Just Three Words²Micro-Assessing Your Team
Digital Slideshow²Picture Your Success
Appendix: Getting Online
About Geoteaming

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