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e-book : Mergers and Acquisitions : current issues

eISBN : 9780230589681

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Contributors: ; A.Antoniou, H.Zhao, T.Carlin, G.Ford, N.Finch, F.Balmaceda, M.Nihat Solakoglu, M.Orhan, E.Hutson, ; G.Gregoriou, F.Lhabitant, A.Coën, A.Desfleurs, C.Francoeur, G.Coloma, R.McGee, P.Ali, S.Azofra, B.Díaz, M.Olalla , C.Gutiérrez, F.Trillas, T.Carlin, N.Finch, G.Ford, M.Wang, R.Théoret, F.Racicot

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Global View

PART 1: The effects of mergers and acquisitions on value
What Drives Acquisitions? A Market-Manager Rationality Framework
Misadventure and the Form of Payment in Corporate Acquisitions
Corporate Diversification: The Costs and Benefits of Synergy
The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Firm Value: Evidence from Turkish Takeovers

PART 2: The effects of mergers and acquisitions on financial markets
Price Volatility in Stocks Subject to Tender Offers
Merger Arbitrage Hedge Funds: An Introduction
The Impact of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial Analysts' Forecasts: Evidence from the Canadian Stock Market

PART 3: The effects of the legal environment on mergers and acquisitions
The Economic Analysis of US Antitrust Merger Law
Ethical Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

PART 4: The effects of regulation on mergers and acquisitions
The Use of Equity Swaps in Mergers
Banking Performance in Domestic and Cross-Border Acquisitions
Mergers between European energy firms: national champions and markets
A Deal Too Far - The Case of the Killer Acquisition
Trends in Chinese M&A: A Look at Lenovo's Acquisition of IBM PC
An Essay on the History of a Merger: The Case of National Bank of Canada

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